The strength behind Wing Tsjun Scotland is the instructors and the team is led by Sifu Oana Stan.

Sifu | Oana Stan
Oana Stan

Sifu Oana Stan is the Scottish National Trainer . She runs the Head Office for Wing Tsjun International Scotland and teaches extensively all over the country. She is the only female Sifu in the UK.
Head of School Hilton /Culloden | Sifu Martin Macrae
Martin Macrae Tel: 07773027713
Email: or

Sifu Martin Macrae is Sifu Oana's highest ranked student and he runs very successful and popular classes in Hilton and Culloden.He is also in charge of all adult classes in Inverness. He currently holds a 2nd degree technician level in Wing Tsjun.
Instructor | Martin MacIntosh
Martin MacIntosh Email: or

Martin Mackintosh is one of our most experienced instructors , with extensive knowledge of various martial arts and he is an assistant instructor at the Headquarters in Inverness.
Head of School Aberdeen | Sanday MacDonald Rowan

Sanday Macdonald Rowan is based in Aberdeen.
Head of School Munlochy | Chris Taylor

Chris has extensive experience in martial arts and runs the kids classes in Munlochy .
Instructor | Sandris Masins

Sandris is an assistant instructor in the adult classes in Inverness.
Kids instructor | Jamie Cameron
Jamie Cameron

Jamie is our kids instructor at the Headquarters. He teaches the kids classes alongside Sifu and he is very loved by our tiniest of the tiniest of the Dragons!
Instructor | Gabor Vancovicz

Instructor - Glasgow
Kids Instructor | James Mcderment
James  Mcderment

Kids Instructor- Glasgow
Kids Instructor | Hannah Hafiz
Hannah  Hafiz

Kids Instructor - Glasgow
Kids Instructor | Edgar Walat
Edgar  Walat

Kids Instructor - Glasgow
Kids Instructor | Omar Mirza
Omar  Mirza

Kids Instructor - Glasgow
Kids Instructor | John Doolan
John  Doolan

Kids Instructor | Stefan Soos

Kids Instructor -Glasgow
Kids Instructor | Trevor James
Trevor  James

Kids Instructor- Glasgow