Welcome to Wing Tsjun Kung Fu Schools of Self Defence

We are a Scottish registered sports charity (Charity number SC040232), whose aim is to further safety, health and well being through the means of a well known traditional martial art - Wing Tsjun (also spelled Wing Tsun or Wing Chun).

Whether you want to improve your health and well being, learn how to protect yourself, or simply find a fun and challenging new activity, Wing Tsjun is an excellent choice. Combining traditional Chinese Kung-Fu and modern training methods,the lessons are exciting for the mind and good for the body. 

We regularly hold classes throughout Scotland for all ages and abilities - we are passionate about perfecting our art and aim to make every session, fun, interesting and motivational.

Come and learn with highly trained Wing Tsjun instructors who will push you you to achieve your potential and attain your personal goals.

For more information about our organisation, please visit the Wing Tsjun International site.

Why choose to train with us?

  • Experienced and highly trained instructors
  • Welcoming and encouraging atmosphere
  • Friendly, professional and individual service
  • Professional Grading System
  • Part of International Organisation
  • Training tailored to your needs
  • All ages and abilities welcome
  • Discounts for families and groups
  • Instructorship path ( qualification courses taught in-house and at the International HQ) 

Our classes are available throughout Scotland:

  • Inverness
  • Glasgow
  • Aberdeen

Interested in finding out more?

Speak to one of our professional trainers today who will be happy to answer any questions you may have and notify you of your nearest Wing Tsjun class.

If you would like to become a Wing Tsjun Kung Fu instructor please let us know and we'll arrange an interview.