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Wing Tsjun Scotland

Wing Tsjun Kung Fu School of Self Defense

Courses for teachers and parents 

We also provide a format for a class for the parents . This class, too, is conceptually different from the students' and teachers' prevention courses. Apart from exercises concerning gesture, mimicry, rhetoric and self-defense, the subject of putting oneself in the child's place is addressed. How can I as a parent know that my child has been abused? What can I do in such a situation? Who can I turn to? How do I talk to my child about the subject of abuse? How do I best work together with the teacher?

It is not easy for any parent to deal with such issues. The prevention class answers questions and offers solutions. And perhaps most importantly, it strengthens the "children-parents-school" chain to notice particular changes in children’s behaviour as soon as possible and to help appropriately.