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Wing Tsjun Kung Fu School of Self Defense

Kung Fu For Kids

Confidence is the A and O of every situation. Confident children are normally much more successful in school, they are bursting with joy for life and health and usually have a distinct sense of justice. Children who lack confidence often react shyly and fearfully in new situations or on the contrary: they quickly over-react or face unusual situations hyperactively or even aggressively.

A good chance to create balance and therefore a higher quality of life for children is martial arts training. Through a physically demanding workout that improves students’ condition and coordination and sharpens the senses, children are taught self-defense in a safe and friendly environment while under constant competent supervision.

This is how, by playing, they become able to assess potentially dangerous situations and to take measures to avoid them. Through role-play, where instructors imitate the aggressor, students are shown ways to put up verbal and bodily barriers, to call for help when in need and to effectively defend themselves when the latter is no longer possible.

The children learn to know their bodies’ limits and are taught ways to direct their energy on reasonable paths.

About our kids classes
Dragon Kids-8-11 years old
Little Dragons-(4-7 years old)