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Wing Tsjun Scotland

Wing Tsjun Kung Fu School of Self Defense

School Rules

R e g u l a t i o n s

A Chinese Wing Tsjun school is not a health club, sauna or fitness club. We have our own rules and etiquette which ensures the safety and comfort of the particpants , but the most important , the respect between each other.   Persons who want to join us have to know these rules and act according to them, even if they might seem strange to them at first. Please respect these rules and help new participants to get to know them.

  1. Bring your membership pass with you if you take part in examinations, courses and when visiting non-local Wing Tsjun clubs. The National Chief Instructor  is the only authorized person to enter the results of an examination into a valid membership pass. If your membership pass does not contain a valid WTI stamp, photo and your signature, it is no longer valid. The WTI membership pass proves that you are an official member of Wing Tsjun International.
  2. The training has to be held in the official WTI standard uniform, consisting of WT shirt or grading jacket and WT trousers. Wearing safety gear is compulsory. For safety reasons please do not wear necklaces, bracelets, rings etc.
  3. Do not take drugs or alcohol before class!
  4. During your training you get very close to your partner. Keep your body and clothes clean.  Avoid body odour and bad breath. Please keep away from school if you have an infectious illness. If you have warts on your hands, have them removed or cover them with a plaster.
  5. Do not be late for lessons.
  6. When you enter and leave the kwoon (school) bow to the pictures of Yip Man, Leung Ting, Allan Fong, Thommy Luke Boehlig. This is not a religious action but an Asian tradition by which we express respect and thankfulness to our Si-Tai-Gung, Si-Jo, Si-Gung and Si-Fu. Use these forms of address during and outside the lessons.
  7. Avoid a posture that could be misunderstood (crossed arms in front of your chest or hands on hips). When your instructor has taught you something or corrected your mistakes, bow in order to thank him.
  8. Do not call your instructor as you would call a waiter. Speak to him in regular tone. Do not touch your instructor without permission. For example do not put buddy-like your hand on his shoulder. Do not spread a bad atmosphere but be friendly and helpful. When you are shown an exercise you should practice it first, then ask your questions if necessary. 
  9. If you bring guests to the class you are responsible for them.  Introduce visitors to the instructor personally and explain the Wing Tsjun rules to them before the class begins.
  10. Your instructor and most of the other students think that Wing Tsjun is the optimal self defence system. This is their right. Other styles might consider their method to be the best. Everybody has the right to have his own opinion. Do not hurt the feelings of the supporters of other martial arts. Do not criticize other styles or their teachers in public. We want to live in peace with other martial arts. In public all martial arts should appear as one big family. So do not damage the name of Wing Tsjun and behave in a way that we never have to be ashamed of.
  11. Only use Wing Tsjun techniques in the case of self defence!