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Wing Tsjun Kung Fu School of Self Defense

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You can securely buy Wing Tsjun items using a debit / credit card or your PayPal Acccount (if you have one). You will receive an email confirming the delivery date.

Kids uniforms size advice : The Kung Fu uniform sizes are in centimetres , showing the height of the student. So 90 cm is the smallest size, suitable for 4-5 years old, 160cm(5'2") being the tallest, hard to say what age nowadays. Please ask the instructor at class or compare the height of your child to someone's that already has a uniform. 

The kids tshirts and hoodies are measured in ages : 5-6 years old, 7-8 years old , etc 

Should the sizes ordered not fit , don't worry , we can exchange them at class. Just bring the item to class and we'll organise a replacement. 

The Kids Black tshirts are for age groups : Pandas - 5-8 years old and Dragons 9-12 years old .

FOR KIDS HOODIES: If you wish to have a colour that is not on the list , please email us and we'll do our best to find it from our suppliers. Grey , green , blue , yellow , should be no problem . 

The WOMANity t-shirts are very small, so please order at least a size up, or ask us for advice before purchasing. 

In general, postage fees are £3.