Little Dragons (4-6 year olds)

To complete our internationally acknowledged Kung-Fu program for kids, we offer the "Kung-Fu for Little Dragons" program. The "Little Dragons" program was developed especially for pre-school children aged 4-6. The class conveys the basic elements of self defence in a positive surrounding that helps bring out a positive attitude in the children.

Another goal is the foundation of essential character traits such as decency, respect, politeness and discipline.

The training challenges the kids' abilities to move with subtlety and improves their capacity to adapt and focus. In every class, only those means are used that correspond to their age and are pedagogically recommended for this age group.

Hence, the program offers a great way for kids to do some exercise and have fun!

The "Little Dragons" program progresses directly to the Kung-Fu program for children aged 7-12, therefore the monthly moral value-related assignments are emphasized here as well.

Similar to the children's Kung-Fu program, the little dragons are also awarded achievement badges. They are obtained like the ones in the children's Kung-Fu program, but with small changes considering their age group.

The little dragons examinations are also in accordance with the Budo Belt program.

And, naturally, the examinations are stress-free and held keeping a pre-school age range in mind.

Family and friends are definitely invited to the examinations!

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